What Makes Us Different?

Win by Quality and Innovation

Kinfast work together with European R&D team. Skill and innovative vision of the industry experience continually lead us to on-demand designs that reach far beyond the market needs and practicals.

Good Sasles Team

Our sales team would be easy to communicate with.

Material Identification, Quality Inspection and Testing

Making products with consistent high-quality requires good process control techniques combined with advanced equipment. At Kinfast, we have advanced inspection measuring and testing equipment in-house to qualify all incoming raw materials, while our modern metrology lab ensures that your parts meet your exact specifications. Further, we make sure every project follows these steps for quality assurance:

• Design for manufacturing review for all quotes provided

• Contract review upon receipt of PO

• ncoming materials inspection

• First article and in-process inspection

• Final inspection and testing with reports and certifications as required

Our Certificates

Customer Feedback


Mr. Michael

From UK

KINFAST is a very Responsive and Reliable supplier.

KINFAST is very Trustworthy with Great integrity.

KINFAST supplies High Quality Products.


Mr. S.Schlag

From Germany

For the past business year (1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021), we have carried out the evaluation of our suppliers according to the ISO 9001 standard.

We are pleased that KINFAST has met the agreed targets for quality, time and quantity and we have no detailed complaints to report (A-Status).


Mr. Juan

From Chile

Goods from KINFAST are of great quality.

The packaging is also very nice.

Our customers like it very much.


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