Fasteners Play Such a Big Role in the Automotive Industry

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Fasteners play an extremely important role in the production process of automobiles. The quality of fasteners has a great impact on the performance of automobiles. Therefore, strict inspection of fasteners is required to improve the quality of automobiles. Blind rivet fasteners are the basic parts widely used in automobiles. According to the importance of their use, they are divided into security fasteners, important fasteners and general fasteners. For security fasteners and important fasteners, the quality of them will directly affect the performance and safety of the vehicle.


Processing process

The fastener processing process is basically the same for all domestic manufacturers, mostly: raw material procurement → raw material transformation into materials → cold heading forming → heat treatment → (a small amount of auxiliary machining) → thread processing → surface treatment → finished product appearance selection → packaging → storage or shipped.

The key quality characteristics of automotive fasteners

Automotive fasteners refer to fasteners that will directly lead to fatal accidents of the entire vehicle after their failure. Among the automotive fasteners, such as automotive hub bolts, axle bolts, steering arm fixing bolts, steering bolts, rivets, U-bolts and brake drum bolts are all security fasteners. The key quality characteristics of such fasteners are often material, hardness, mechanical properties, thread accuracy, thread diameter, important assembly dimensions and surface fatal defects. Therefore, strict control of these quality characteristics is the key to improving the quality of security fasteners.


Quality control of fastener processing process

The quality characteristics of fasteners are affected by the work quality of each link in the whole process, so a strict quality control system must be established for each processing link, from raw material procurement, finished material transformation, product process preparation and mold design, cold heading, Heat treatment, thread processing, surface treatment (removal of hydrogen embrittlement), and control points are established in the entire process of packaging, storage and transportation, so that the quality of fasteners is completely under control during the entire production process, so as to fully ensure product quality to meet customer needs. At the same time, in the whole process of product production, a quality flow card of the entire production process must be established for each batch of each product (the content of the card indicates the material manufacturer, furnace number, grade, production batch, product name, model, quantity and time), so that the product quality is traceable in every link.


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