How To Tighten And Untighten A Nut And Bolt

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To fasten two workpieces together can become frustrating if the right instrument and technique are not applied. Bolts and nuts happen to be one of the most popular fasteners that people use to hold two or more components together.

There are different sizes and head types of bolts in the market. You must choose the right spanner with the right shape to tighten and untighten them properly. To get it right, sourcing the tools and bolts from a reputable bolt supplier is very essential.

Let’s look at how to properly tighten and untighten the workpiece without errors and damage to our workpieces. 

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Tightening Of Nuts And Bolts

Proper tightening of nuts and bolts is very essential. Any mistake from here may lead to a colossal consequence that can damage the workpiece.

Steps To Tighten Nuts And Bolts Properly

The following steps will help you when fitting the nuts and bolts.

1.  Locate The Fitting Holes

Check the holes on the workpiece to locate where to put the bolt. It is advisable to use a bolt hole whose diameter is slightly wider than the thread of the bolt. It will enable the bolt to slide through it easily.

If there is no hole, you may drill the holes appropriately for the bolts. Try to ensure that the size of the hole is large enough to fit the bolts. However, do not allow the size to become too big because it may affect the fastening ability of the bolts and nuts.

2. Line up the bolt holes

Arrange the workpiece to line up the bolt holes. You can use a podger to push through the hole from the first one to the next hole. When you finish using the podger, remove it and slot it in. You can use the bolt as a podger. However, it is advisable to be careful so that you won't damage the thread of the bolt. 

3. Fit The Nut

The other end of the bolt is for fixing of nut. Immediately you put the bolt through the workpiece, and fit the nut on the exposed end of the bolt. Try to turn it with your finger in a clockwise direction to tighten it.

4. Use Spanner To Tighten It Properly

There are different types of spanners for tightening nuts. You must choose the right spanner to avoid wearing out the edges of the nut. Turn the spanner in a clockwise direction to tighten it.

If you are using a ratchet spanner, turn it in an anticlockwise direction to move further, before turning it in the clockwise direction to tighten the nut. Ensure that the nut is tightened properly with any movement.

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How to Untighten the Nuts and Bolts

Untightening the nuts and bolts follow the same way as tightening them. However, the movement of the spanner is in the anticlockwise direction. Hold the shaft of the spanner and turn in the anticlockwise direction to untighten the nuts.

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