Basic Introduction To Roofing Screws

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While deciding on the construction of your house, you will also have to decide on the fasteners that you will be using for the construction. Choosing the correct fasteners for your purpose is very important, as it determines many things, from the safety of the house to the expenses of building it. For example, when you are putting up a roof for your house. In these cases, it is important to make the right choices, as it determines how safe your house will be. There will come a point when you will have to decide whether to use nails or screws for the construction of your roof. Today we will give you a brief introduction of roofing screws.

 Roofing Screws

What are roofing screws?

Roofing screws are simply a type of fastener. They work by fixing sheeting to metal or wood structures, and are tailored specifically to roof maintenance. Although purposefully designed for external work, they are capable for use in a number of internal projects.

Types of roofing screws

Throughout the project, there are different types of screws you can use. Here are some common variations.

Metal roofing screws

To determine which kind to use, you must think about the materials that you are handling. The screws must be able to fix one material to the other in the most secure fashion.

Self-drilling screws are a particular screw type featuring a drill point at the tip. This means it can drill a hole while forming the mating threads at the same time. These work for metal on metal jobs, great for fixing metal roofing panels. The precise screw will depend on the thickness of the material.

Wood roofing screws

Wood roofing screws are a common form of fastener. They can penetrate through the metal sheeting, and then through to the wood. They often come with an extra-sharp tip to pierce the materials without bringing damage to the metal sheets.

Colorbond roofing screws

Colorbond roofing screws are tailored to fix colorbond steel. They are perfect for finishing roofing and cladding to steel and timber frames. This coated roofing material is durable and can withstand all weather conditions. You can purchase colorbond roofing screws in a wide range of colours.

Cyclone roofing screws

Cyclone prone regions need roofing to be fitted with special cyclone screws for extra strength. Cyclone roofing screws are custom made for enduring extreme wind and rain situations.

When a cyclone arrives, the roof is generally the first place to be targeted. If it isn’t strong and secure enough, major damage can be caused to the building. The roof must survive in order to protect the rest of the property. If the roof goes, there can be catastrophic effects.

Cyclone roofing screws ensure super-secure fastening in cyclonic conditions.

 Colored roofing screws

Colored roofing screws

A great roof prioritizes safety, but you can also factor appearance into your project. As well as different types, shapes and sizes, roofing screws are available in lots of different colors. This means you can match the color to the shade of the metal panels you’re using. 

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