Everything You Should Know About Deck Screws

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If you’re working on a new deck, patio, or another outdoor project, finding the perfect materials is half the battle. Should you use treated, cedar, or composite materials? Piers or posts on your deck? One of the most confusing areas to figure out is which deck screw or fastener provides the best strength and durability for your needs. Because the fasteners hold the entire project together, they can be a common failure point if you don’t choose the right one.

Overview of deck screws

Deck screws are threaded fasteners that are designed specifically for decks. They feature a tip, a shank and a head. Within the head is a recess for a particular type of bit. Regardless, deck screws are threaded fasteners that are used for building decks.

What material should I use?

Of all the available materials to use for your deck, the most common is stainless steel. Stainless steel deck screws offer an excellent solution due to their increased corrosion resistance. However, stainless steel can still corrode in certain situations so make sure you have the correct grade for your environment.

Stainless steel deck screws

What stainless steel grade should I use for my deck screws?

We recommend using 316 Grade Stainless Steel within 5 km of the Coast. Grade 304 is suitable for most non-coastal environments but is more likely to undergo tea-staining in coastal situations where 316 stainless deck screws should be used.

How do I stop my deck screws from rusting?

Firstly, make sure your decking screws are stainless steel and of a suitable grade and finish. For fittings and fasteners on the exterior of houses near the coast, this would mean stainless steel grade 316.

Stainless steel should be cleaned and maintained and allow rain to wash down the deck if possible. Stainless screws in treated timber offer superior corrosion resistance and outlast galvanized steel nails.

Things to consider when choosing deck screws

When choosing deck screws, you should consider the drive type. The drive type is determined by the head recess. You should also choose deck screws in appropriate material. As previously mentioned, they are typically made of corrosion-resistant materials. In addition to corrosion resistance, though, the material from which they are made should be strong and durable.

Don’t forget to consider the length when choosing deck screws. They should be long enough to fully secure the wooden planks. But deck screws shouldn’t be so long that they protrude out of the back of the wooden planks.

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