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Anchor refers to the general term of all rear anchoring components, with a wide range. According to different raw materials, anchor is divided into metal anchor and non-metal anchor. Anchors bear heavy loads and keep important items securely in place and are widely used in drywall and masonry applications. Most anchors work by tapping the anchor into a pre-drilled hole using a hand tool, then inserting a screw into the opening. As the screw tightens, it causes the anchor to expand, creating a stable and secure hold. There are also bolt-style anchors, which consist of machine screw or threaded metal shank that inserts directly into a pre-drilled hole.  

Main Types of Anchors Kinfast Supply

With various applications and usages, here are some types of anchors in Kinfast

Metal Frame Anchor:

Mainly used for installation of window and door frames.

Sleeve Anchor:

This anchor is fastening in solid concrete and masonry base materials, with hex head bolt, hex flange nut and c/o hook. 

Drop In Anchor:

It is an internally threaded anchor for installation in the medium load range.

Ceiling Anchor:

Typically used for multiple fixings of non-structural applications in concrete C20/25 to C50/60.

Tie Wire Anchor: Widely used for light weight suspension. It provides quick installation without torquing or special setting equipment.

Hollow Wall Anchor:

Suitable for pre-positioned installation in gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard, chipboard and plywood.

Hammer Drive Anchor:

Used to fix brick ties,drywall track,insulation brackets and other materials to concrete or solid brick

Speed Drive Anchor:

Zinc Alloy Easy Drive Anchor is a self tapping metal fixing for gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard.It can be used together with a chipboard screw.

Wedge Anchor:

Used to fix steel constructions, machines, guard rails, etc.

Chemical Anchor:

Suitable for fixation of railings,steelwork constructions and advertising system both inside and outside.

Frame Fixing Anchor:

Two types, nylon hammer fixing anchor is used for fixing of wood constructions,plaster and wall connections,cable and pipe clip in building materails, and nylon frame anchor is used for universal fixing in concrete,solid brick,wood and natural stone with dense structure.

Gas Concrete Anchor:

Mainly used to fix gas and water pipes,cable and pipe brackets in concrete,aerated concrete,solid brick and natural stone with dense structure.

Heavy Duty Anchor:

An internal threaded anchor for pre-position installation in non-crack concrete.

Kinfast, as a leading anchor manufacturer in china manufacturing whole series fastener solutions including screw, anchor, bolt and nut. All are mainly made by carbon steel and stainless steel, the surface treatment is mainly with zinc and galvanizing. Kinfast is a professional partner and reliable supplier for you. We support OEM service and distributor cooperation is welcome.

We make sure every project follows these steps for quality assurance:

• Design for manufacturing review for all quotes provided

• Contract review upon receipt of PO

• Ncoming materials inspection

• First article and in-process inspection

• Final inspection and testing with reports and certifications as required

View our full anchor product listing below, or contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff for more information and get fully customized and wholesale options.


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