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Sleeve Anchor

Sleeve anchors are a quick, simple and adaptable masonry anchoring system. They can be used in a variety of base materials, including concrete, brick, and block. Anchor sleeve bolts at Kinfast are available in carbon steel and stainless steel . 

Head styles of sleeve anchor

Acorn, hex nut, flat, countersunk and round head are the main head style in the anchor market. 

Installation instructions for the concrete sleeve anchor

1. Drill the hole perpendicular to the work surface. To assure full holding power, do not ream the hole or allow the drill to wobble.

2. Drill the hole at least 1 anchor diameter deeper than the calculated embedment depth, but not closer than two anchor diameters to the
bottom surface of the concrete. Through drilling is allowed when 1 using sleeve anchors in hollow concrete block.

3. Clean the hole using compressed air and a nylon brush. A clean hole is necessary for proper performance.

4. Drive anchor through the fixture into the hole making sure the nut, or head, rests solidly against the fixture. Be sure the anchor is set to the required embedment depth.


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