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Chemical Anchor

Chemical anchors are high-strength anchors made of tree canopy as the main raw material, and were called chemical plugs in the early days. Chemical dowels are fixed and compounded in the concrete base bar to realize the anchoring of the fixing piece. Chemical anchor fasteners are widely penetrated into machine curtain wall structure, installation, steel structure, doors and windows.

Features of chemical anchors

1. Chemical medicine tube composition: vinyl resin, quartz particles, curing agent.

2. The closed packaging of the glass tube is convenient for visual inspection of the quality of the tube agent, and the glass is crushed as a fine aggregate.

3. Acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, and low temperature sensitivity.

4. There is no expansion and extrusion stress to the base material, and it is suitable for heavy loads and various vibration loads.

5. The installation spacing and margin requirements are small.

6. Fast installation and fast curing without affecting the construction progress.

7. Wide construction temperature.

Parameter of chemical anchors

Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Head Type:Hex Head, Flat Head
Thread DiameterM8 - M30
Length80mm - 380mm
Grade:Gr 5.8, Gr 8.8, Gr 10.9
Surface Treatment:Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Mechanical Galvanized, Delta


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