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Drywall Screw

Drywall screws have become the standard fastener for securing full or partial sheets of drywall to wall studs or ceiling joists. Drywall screws have deeper threads than regular screws, which prevents them from dislodging easily from the drywall. 

Drywall Screw Size Chart 

MaterialCarbon Steel C1022
Thread TypeCoarse Thread, Fine Thread
Thread Diameter3.5mm,3.9mm,4.2mm,4.8mm
length16mm - 150mm
Surface TreatmentBlack Phosphated, Dark Grey Phosphated, Blue Zinc Plated 

Different Types Of Drywall Screws

The two common types of drywall screws are the S-type and the W-type drywall screws. S-type screws are good for attaching drywall onto metal. The threads of the S-type screws are fine and they have sharp points to make surface penetration easier. But most often, drywall screws are simply identified by the type of thread that they have. Drywall screws either have a coarse or a fine thread.

As a drywall screw manufacturer, Kinfast mainly produces drywall screw which is the best for fastening drywall in a large variety of thicknesses. View our full drywall screw products below, or contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff for more information.


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