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Collated Drywall Screws Collated Drywall Screws

Drywall screw is used to fasten plasterboard to timber (for Coarse Thread Drywall Screw) or metal studs(for Fine Thread Drywall Screw).The Collated Screw Strip is designed to work quickly and effectively with Collated Auto-Feed Gun.

Thread Diameter:
  • 3.5mm
  • 3.9mm
  • 4.2mm
  • 4.8mm
  • 16mm - 150mm
  • Small box
  • Bulk
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Product Description

Collated Screws for Hanging Drywall

If you desire to hang your drywall faster and with minimal force, choose collated screws. When using a collated drywall screw gun, you don’t have to apply a lot of force to drive the screws in. Moreover, collated screws make for a quick installation process.

Details of Collated Drywall Screws

Material:Carbon Steel C1022
Thread Type:Coarse Thread, Fine Thread
Surface TreatmentBlack Phosphated, Dark Grey Phosphated, Blue Zinc Plated 


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